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Our Machines

We currently have two group owned faceting machines, both are Graves and their details can be seen below. We use these during our weekend workshops to teach people who do not have their own machine, but would like to try faceting.

Other group members kindly loan their machines for our workshops which we are very grateful for. They are mainly mast type machines and can range in make, such as Facette GemMaster II, Ultra Tec V2, Facetron and Graves. Depending on how many machines are lent to us, the amount of spaces we have for those without their own faceting machine can vary from workshop to workshop. Therefore we always ask for those interested in our workshops without their own machine to get in touch early as slots can fill up fast.


Graves Mark 5XL

Our Graves Mark 5XL Faceting Machine features a digital angle display meter. This allows users to "cut to the numbers" utilizing a simple digital display, instead of having to read and lock the typical protractor styling of a direct reading angle scale found on a most older mast type models. The faceting head allows you set your angle, index setting and depth before cutting until the easy to read digital display tells you to stop.

This machine has a variable speed controller allowing you to change the speed of the laps depending on activity (e.g. pre-forming to polishing) and can hold up to 8-inch lap sizes.




Graves Mark IV

Our Graves Mark IV is similar to the Mark V above, however it does not have a digital angle display meter and instead has a direct reading angle scale. This machine was designed by Graves specifically for the home - small, light-weight, easy to store and portable. It has a variable speed controller  allowing allowing you to change the speed of the laps depending on activity (e.g. pre-forming to polishing) and it can hold up to 8-inch lap sizes as well. It's a dependable machine and is user friendly, a good choice for beginners to learn on and those wanting to advance their skills in faceting.

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